With many students coming from a homeschool background, ABC is a place where homeschool families feel comfortable. The structure on campus, friendly staff, and student life here all work together to form a great atmosphere for homeschoolers. We want to help as you begin this new adventure, and we desire to see you grow and thrive throughout the process! Many students find they quickly feel at home here and adjust easily to college life. Don’t take our word for it… come see for yourself!

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Admission Process for Homeschool Students

Homeschool Transcript

If you are homeschooled, ABC requests your homeschool transcript or a GED. The transcript must include the student’s information, a list of classes completed, grades received, grading scale, curriculum used, and a parent’s signature. An incomplete transcript can be used for an acceptance decision, but a final and complete transcript will be needed before enrolling.

Example Transcript Example Transcript

Test Scores

It is especially important for homeschool students to complete the ACT (code: 4507), SAT (code: 7305), or CLT (Classical Learning Test). Contact Admissions if you need advice on how to prepare for these tests. Scores are used for advising, class placement, and scholarship eligibility.

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Other Requirements

To read about the full application process, please refer to Applying to ABC. Once all the application requirements are met, your file will be reviewed and an acceptance decision made.

Contact the Admissions office (admissions@abc.edu) if you have any questions regarding the application process for homeschool students.

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