hese are arresting days
as we reflect on the
impact of our culture. It
requires little effort to identify
significant issues which easily
cause our hearts to tremble
with concern. Anxiety and
despair invite our response.
But does God intend for His children to react
with such hopelessness? I think not! Rather,
we must flee to the Scriptures for guidance
to effectively live “in the midst of a crooked
and perverse nation among whom ye shine as
lights in the world” (Philippians 2:15).
I invite you to explore with me the wonderful
blessing of God’s Word as you ponder the
feature article, “Who in the World? The
Christian and Culture According to Jesus
Christ.” How refreshing and assuring to know
that we truly can experience divine peace in
the face of cultural turmoil.
By the way, let me personally encourage you
to join me for an extensive examination of
this topic during my graduate course, “The
Church and Culture,” which I will be teaching
on our campus January 2–6, 2017. Details are
included in this issue of
We continue to advance our 20/20 Vision
Strategy with Our Destination: Servants for
the Church. Great attention is being given
to guiding more students to our campus as
we respond to the urgency of our world’s
Daniel L. Anderson, Th.D.
Psalm 84:11, 12
Join the President's
Prayer Partners
need for the gospel and as we seek to be
good stewards through the utilization of
the beautiful facilities God has given to
us. Partner with us in our goal to enroll 410
students by the year 2020.
One of the ways we are equipping our
students is through the TESOL (Teaching
English to Speakers of Other Languages)
concentration of our Missions major. Enjoy
the feature on two of these students as they
describe their summer ministry in China.
These are exciting days here at Appalachian. As
you review the activities and opportunities of
our ministry, please pause and pray. If you can
join for any of these, we’d love to have you.
Thanks again for being our faithful partner as
we equip slaves for the Lord Jesus. . . Because
Life is for Service.
His Slave,
(pronounced DOO-loss) is the Greek word
for “slave.” In Matthew 20:25–27, Jesus declares
that the qualifying mark of a Biblical leader is to be
a “doulos”—a slave for Jesus.
– from the –