Strategic Plan

Appalachian Bible College is committed to intentional strategic planning known as “Our Path for Servants” (OPS) as we pursue our mission.

Mission Statement:

"Appalachian Bible College exists by God's grace and for His glory to educate and equip servants for the Church of tomorrow while edifying the Church of today."

The effort to achieve this mission is driven by our intended vision.

Vision Statement:

The vision of Appalachian Bible College is to be a quality fundamental ministry of Biblical higher education by:

  • Training students through a truth-driven curriculum and transformative co-curriculum that prepares Christlike servants who are skilled in interpreting, obeying, and proclaiming God's Word for the global spread of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the strengthening of His Church.
  • Impacting the Church with Christ-centered ministries, which challenge people through God's Word to wholly follow Christ.

Our Path For Servants (OPS)

The design for our OPS has been outlined with the following planning cycle adopted by our Board of Directors (September, 2022) and implemented by the Planning Committee of ABC as directed by the Board.

  1. Assess: Each division assesses their effectiveness in fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision through their area of responsibility. From this review a report will be composed noting specific deficiencies. (September – November).
  2. Prioritize: The Planning Committee compiles the reports from each division and prioritizes the deficiencies from this list. It will determine which ones to address as Strategic Initiatives for the coming year. Those not selected will be maintained for future consideration. (December).
  3. Adopt: The Board of Directors will review and approve the proposed Strategic Initiatives. (January).
  4. Organize: The Planning Committee will select appropriate persons to develop action plans to accomplish the initiatives. (February / April).
  5. Implement: Progress reports for each of the Strategic Initiative Action Plans will be provided to the Planning Committee (December) and the Board of Directors (April / September).
  6. Evaluate: Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategic initiative action plans (September / December).

Appropriate members of the Planning Committee have been engaged to direct areas of Strategic Initiatives relative to their designated responsibility utilizing additional staff and faculty members.

The following Strategic Initiatives were adopted by the Board of Directors (January, 2022) for our 2022-2023 OPS planning year. These have been selected from the assessment reviews undertaken by each division of the college. In the December ADCOM retreat these selections were seen as priorities for advancing our ABC mission. The ADCOM serves as the Planning Committee for the college. Budgetary allocations will be determined as the 2022-2023 budget is constructed.

  1. Student Information System - upgrade or replace the current system.
  2. Church Relations Plan - develop and improve communication and interaction with churches to build close relationships and to channel students to ABC.
  3. Personnel Review - review current personnel and position needs to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing our mission.

In keeping with the OPS planning cycle, these Initiatives are being implemented and evaluated.

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